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Sunday, January 18th, 2009 | Author:

In tropical climates throughout the world coconuts are just a way of life of thousands of people. For them it is known as “tree of life”. It is true that for centuries many people are using coconuts and coconut oil just to stay healthy and lean. Coconut oil diets have become even more popular when it was discovered that it helps a lot in losing weight, increasing their metabolism and even fighting disease.

As coconut oil does not turn to fat in our body, it is safe and beneficial to use. Another property is that it raises the metabolism due to which more fats are burn and more energy is produced inside our body. Coconut oil is beneficial also because it does not increase the cholesterol level, but it helps in decreasing the level.

Coconut oil also helps a lot in losing weight. Generally coconut oil is a MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride), while on the other hand vegetable oils and animal fats are LCT (Long-Chain Triglyceride). How the fat is metabolized, depends a lot on the length of the molecule and because of this reason coconut oil is easily metabolized than any other oil. In other words we can also say that MCT are broken down rapidly and it gets burn down by body mostly like carbohydrates for energy and LCT gets deposited in the body’s fat cells. MCTs are digested much quicker than any LCTs. So, sometimes it is given to AIDS patients also who have digesting problems.

We are taught that saturated fats are not good for health. But in real life, sometimes saturated fats are good for health. Many professionals give advice to eat diet high in carbohydrates and low in fat. But even then, many of us find that we still can’t lose weight and gain more energy. Apart from these, there are many other healthy benefits also. Coconut oil is next to mother milk, which is the highest source of medium chain fatty acids, which helps a lot in raising the body metabolism. In coconut oil, you will also find lauric acid, which is very much useful for the body’s immune system, which helps the body in fighting infections, bacteria and harmful virus. It also helps relieve the symptoms of menopause, and pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

There are many other oils also, which are good organic expeller pressed oils such as olive and flaxseed oils. But there are some problems with these oils that they go through a dangerous chemical change with high heat.

There are many ways through which you can easily consume coconut oil. One of the best ways is to buy a coconut and crack it open and eat it raw. You can also grate it and cook with it. For making it smooth you can either add coconut water or meat. If fresh coconut are not available in your area then you can get unsweetened dried grated coconut from your health food store or online. But always try to get fresh coconut or its oil if you want a better result.

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A healthy diet has become overshadowed by so many factors today. Do you still know what a healthy diet is? Well, through the years, poor choices and lack of nutritional information and awareness have caused a lot of havoc in the world. More people have now become obese or overweight that the numbers have become very alarming. There are so many factors that contribute to this disturbing reality. Though there are so many different factors, the problems still lie in the people. You have the choice to say no, especially in eating unhealthy foods.

Implementing a healthy weight loss program may seem hard from the start but this is definitely a key tool for achieving a healthier and longer life. Many people will tell you about key secrets to achieve good health but basically the only secret is to utilize a healthy eating plan along with physical activity that is performed daily. Many have used the option of using a diet. Though sometimes these diets can be so strict that you will have a hard time eating, many people have opted to use this option. Basically, the people who stick with a diet are the ones who can endure the system and can fight the urge to return to their negative habits. So, below, you will see the basics of how to put a healthy lifestyle plan together.

First of, you must realize that 5 food groups consist a healthy diet, these 5 are the ff: breads and cereals, dairy and meats/alternatives, fruits, and vegetables. The different food groups offer unique nutritional roles in your diet, thus it is critical that you eat foods with variety and consider each from the 5 major food groups daily. Eating from each of the 5 can bring positive effects to the body because the nutrients are well distributed.

It is best that you consume 2-3 servings of meat, 4-5 servings of whole grains, 7-10 servings of vegetables and fruits. Also, you must remember that oily and fatty foods should be prevented, or if not, be consumed with very minimal amount.

Having a healthy diet basically provides long-term benefits to the body. If you choose to instill a healthy diet for your body, then you must also be active in a daily basis. You must monitor your food intake and also exercise in a daily manner. This would only be effective if you decide to dedicate yourself in doing so. So always remember to eat with your health in mind.

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Friday, December 12th, 2008 | Author:

“I believe the real key to coconut oil and weight loss is the fact that it reduces your appetite while you’re eating the meal and afterwards”.

Studies have shown that when these fats are added, people are satisfied sooner and eat less, and at the next meal they don’t make up for it by eating more.”
Its simple but effective mechanism and it works.

So why does it work?
Coconut oil is a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) while most other fats available, such as animal fats and vegetable oils, are long-chain triglycerides (LCTs).
The length of the molecule determines how the fat is metabolized in the body. MCTs are rapidly broken down, and the body burns them much like carbohydrates for energy. LCTs, however on the other side, are deposited in fat cells (don’t want that).

With MCTs, you’re eating fat calories, but you’re eating fewer effective calories because metabolism rises, and you end up burning the calories, not storing them as fat. You can eat much more coconut oil than other fats before your body will convert it into fat.

Oils present in coconut oil stimulate metabolism. “It promotes thermogenesis [burning of calories to produce heat], and some people with low thyroid function tell me they feel warm and their body temperature rises one or two degrees after eating coconut oil.” People with low thyroid function have a low metabolism and can have a decreased ability to lose weight.

Make sure you use Organic Virgin Coconut oil from a reputed brand. The results might be negative i.e. you might gain weight If you consume cheaper non organic oils. We recommend high quality oils such as or Tropical Traditions.

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Here are some  testimonial

Jenna from London: “I have been taking Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for only 3 days now, and let me say my apetite has decreased already. I was one of those people that would eat just because i was bored or because i was stressed out. Not anymore, even if i wanted to eat, i cant, because the oil creates a full feeling. True it is hard to swallow at times, but i grit my teeth and bare it. Sometimes i’ll mix it in just a little bit of Organic Apple Juice to mask the taste a little bit. I cant wait to see other things improving.”

Suzie from , Ireland: “I’ve found that it all depends on the brand you buy. I bought Jarrow at first, and gagged every time I ate it. Bought Coconut-Oil-UK.Com brand the next time, and it is SO much better! I could literally drink it, it is so good!”