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“I believe the real key to coconut oil and weight loss is the fact that it reduces your appetite while you’re eating the meal and afterwards”.

Studies have shown that when these fats are added, people are satisfied sooner and eat less, and at the next meal they don’t make up for it by eating more.”
Its simple but effective mechanism and it works.

So why does it work?
Coconut oil is a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) while most other fats available, such as animal fats and vegetable oils, are long-chain triglycerides (LCTs).
The length of the molecule determines how the fat is metabolized in the body. MCTs are rapidly broken down, and the body burns them much like carbohydrates for energy. LCTs, however on the other side, are deposited in fat cells (don’t want that).

With MCTs, you’re eating fat calories, but you’re eating fewer effective calories because metabolism rises, and you end up burning the calories, not storing them as fat. You can eat much more coconut oil than other fats before your body will convert it into fat.

Oils present in coconut oil stimulate metabolism. “It promotes thermogenesis [burning of calories to produce heat], and some people with low thyroid function tell me they feel warm and their body temperature rises one or two degrees after eating coconut oil.” People with low thyroid function have a low metabolism and can have a decreased ability to lose weight.

Make sure you use Organic Virgin Coconut oil from a reputed brand. The results might be negative i.e. you might gain weight If you consume cheaper non organic oils. We recommend high quality oils such as or Tropical Traditions.

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