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Coconut oil is very much beneficial for those persons who are suffering from thyroid disease. It doesn’t matter that you are suffering from hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. In both cases coconut oil is beneficial. Generally, coconut oil stimulates thyroid function and it has various antiseptic properties.

There are several different type of Thyroid medications available in the UK however Coconut Oil is natural and can be sometime a lot more effective with minimal side effects.

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According to many researchers, it has been found that coconut oil helps in lowering the cholesterol level. Due to its ability of stimulating thyroid function coconut oil has the cholesterol-lowering properties. Cholesterol gets converted into necessary anti-aging steroids, pregnenolone, progesterone and DHEA by the enzymatic processes, but the presence of adequate thyroid hormone is necessary. These converted substances are necessary and helpful in curing and preventing heart disease, senility, obesity, cancer and other diseases related to aging and chronic degenerative diseases.

It is also found that because of thyroid stimulation, coconut oil has weight loss stimulating properties also. It is also found that because coconut oil supports thyroid function and the thyroid governs the brain development of human body including myelination and the result might reflect the difference between normal and hypothyroid individuals. Another important point is that some medium chain saturated fatty acids in coconut oil has the ability to inhibit the liver’s formation of fat very likely synergizes with the pro-thyroid effect which allows energy to be used not to be stored.

Coconut oil is good because it contains saturated fats. Unsaturated fats lead to lower blood sugar. Unsaturated oil damages the mitochondria which cause respiration to be uncoupled from energy production and it means that fuel is burned without any useful effect. The anti-thyroid actions suppress the activity of the respiratory enzyme, which decreases the respiratory production of energy.

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Do not allow skin issues prevent you from Glowing

There are many coconut oil skin benefits that you could be interested in learning about. In saying that though now is the time to care of your skin since it is tied to your youthful look. Itching and dry skin patches can be very bothersome however proper care of your skin can aid in reducing these. Coconut oil is full of Lauric acid and this is a pertinent component for skin vitality. Lauric Acid is helpful during the protection against bacteria build up on the skin. With so many toxins in the environment around us, this is crucial.

Find out more about coconut oil for the skin

Having dry flaky skin can be extremely awkward. This can be difficult as concealing patches of skin which have been affected can often be difficult to do. Coconut oil is helpful as it could remove the dry scales produced thus reducing inflammation. Consistent usage of Coconut oil can reduce a reoccurrence of the flare.

The Center of Disease Control has found the element Monolaurin effective in fighting off diseases. Some of these include the flu, staph infections, bronchitis and various disorders not considered. Such toxins can be taken off with the consistent utilization of virgin coconut oil.

Many with problematic dry cracked skin will discover the benefits of coconut oil interesting. Dry hands and roughed cracked heels in most cases can embarrass you. Other signs of skin issues are scaly and inflamed skin brought on by Psoriasis or Eczema. The application of coconut oil will help you to cut down outbreaks and when they do occur, they won?t be as severe or remain as long.

You may not realise it, but your skin could be lacking moisture. This could certainly cause it to look dry and dull. The use of lotion is just not sufficient. With coconut oil, the additional moisture required for your skin could be maintained. This can give your skin the glow and youthfulness needed and this can be seen through use. This is important for anyone that wants to look younger. We simply cannot change our age but we can easily control how we look as we grow older. Appearance is essential and a healthy skin can improve your confidence. Remove the dead skin cells with coconut oil and you will be impressed with the fresh layer of skin that can be seen.

Get soft beautiful skin with the daily usage of coconut oil. Warning signs of getting older can be reduced by the use which can be visibly seen. Maintain your youthful look with healthy looking skin. You would want to be sure however that you buy quality 100% virgin coconut oil skin products. The very same results may not be accomplished with a product of the lesser quality.

The benefits of virgin coconut oil are many all having no negative effects. There are no harsh chemical compounds that you have to worry about. You don’t need to stress about cost since this is an affordable method of treating your skin. The results are remarkable making you wish you had heard of the advantages of coconut oil sooner.

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Tooth decay is very serious, and most people don?t realize that anywhere from 60% to 90% of children in industrialized countries experience it at some point. Finding a way to reduce this tooth decay is very important indeed. Some of the research out there that is being conducted indicates that the use of coconut oil is a great way to eliminate the bacteria responsible for tooth decay problems. It may soon be an ingredient you see in various dental care products out there.

Streptococcus bacteria is the name of the bacteria that will result in tooth decay if it isn?t stopped in its tracks. The results from various forms of studies are favorable that the use of coconut oil can reduce this type of bacterial problem. Some of the studies conducted have been completed by Irish research facilities. They believe that in addition to reducing the risk of tooth decay, coconut oil can also assist with reducing the yeast and bacteria that is responsible for the development of thrush.

At a recent Society for General Microbiology conference, this type of information was shared. It generated a great deal of interest. However, these aren?t the only researchers that have been looking into the benefits of coconut oil. For example, a team from Atholone Institute of Technology in Ireland has conducted studies with coconut oil as well as olive oil and vegetable oil. They have done testing both relating to Streptococcus bacteria and the digestion process.

The only one of these three oils that worked to reduce the growth of the Streptococcus bacteria was the coconut oil. In these tests, it was also determined that it helps to reduce the Streptococcus mutans that play a big role in tooth decay due to the acid they create. With the use of the fatty coconut oil though the enzymes that case such acid are reduced significantly.

Previous research that was already conducted indicated that Streptococcus mutans weren?t able to bind on the teeth as they did before once enzyme modified milk was being consumed by that individual. The research being done at this point in time though is building on that and is showing that when the Streptococcus bacteria comes into contact with the coconut oil, then those bacteria forming enzymes that cause tooth decay are being halted in their tracks.

One of the agreements among the researchers involved in these studies is that the use of coconut oil can be beneficial in very low amounts. They also find that it is a great option compared to the use of various chemical additives. The ability to fight off microbial infections when so many people are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics is very important.

The other studies in place right now regarding the benefits of coconut oil have to do with helping the overall process of the digestive system. These studies take an in depth look at the antibacterial activity in the human gut. It is promising that the use of coconut oil can slow down that antimicrobial activity so that a person has a healthier digestive system.


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Coconut Oil For Eczema


Heal Eczema Now With Coconut Oil! – What They Don’t Want You To Know!


I wrote the following article on eczema and coconut oil and have since talked to many who have tried it and it has worked. Diet should be considered as the root cause. Coconut oil may help when applied to the skin as a natural treatment.


As a nurse, I’ve often come in contact with patients who were suffering from eczema, from mild to severe, looking for a cure. Now first of all, eczema and dermatitis are usually referring to the same condition and there are three types of eczema. If you’re suffering from eczema you’ll find health professionals are quick to prescribe or recommend expensive drugs or chemical products when natural treatments for eczema such as using virgin coconut oil is the best choice. With coconut oil there is no exposure to drugs and chemical-laden products.


Eczema is a dermatitis that is in advanced stages that can be more serious. To apply the virgin coconut oil, massage it deep into the affected area. In adults, eczema is usually found on the inner elbow or behind the knee, but can be found anywhere.


Contact dermatitis can occur in the presence jewelry, perfumes, nickel in jewelry or glasses or bra hooks, chemicals in any cosmetics, shellac in most mascaras, lipstick, lotions, soaps, fabric softener sheets, pesticides from contact around the mouth, latex gloves, tomatoes, and the list goes on.


When you start treating your eczema externally with coconut oil, make sure you’re also working on eliminating the cause of your eczema, whether it’s internal or external. Coconut oil works so much better than eczema creams, which are usually expensive eczema products that are laden with chemicals, whether it’s used for babies, teens or adults.


Virgin coconut oil is inexpensive and a good, cheap home remedy you can use for many skin problems. If you also have acne, coconut oil is an excellent treatment for acne too and is better than any chemical acne products. Besides the coconut oil treatment you can expose the affected area to direct sunlight for 20 minutes or so every day if you have access to sunlight and also get your daily dose of vitamin D that way too.


For the external causes of eczema such as contact dermatitis, make sure to avoid having your skin come in contact with the offender. One possible cause for eczema that has received recent attention from skin specialists, dermatologists and other skin doctors is that of a shock to the nervous system or exposure for a prolonged period to mental stress or strain.


Unprocessed (no bleaching, refining or deodorizing) organic virgin coconut oil soothes the area immediately. It goes to work on healing eczema, dermatitis or just about any skin condition you can think of. You want to make sure you get the kind that is not refined. Make sure it smells like coconut. The label will usually say it’s virgin. It can be found in whole foods markets.


And atopic eczema is a chronic, recurring condition with “flares”, which are active or new patches of eczema, and remissions – when eczema is not as active. For an attack of eczema to exist, two conditions are necessary: a predisposition or special irritability of the skin, and a directly exciting cause. Patients with eczema have skin that is usually sensitive to substances such as soap, wool, make-up, detergents, cosmetics, mascara, shampoos, lipstick, nail polish, etc.


If the eczema is on your hands, coconut oil will have to be applied more often. Once skin is exposed to an eczema trigger, the skin releases chemicals to the surface of the skin, which causes one to itch. While we don’t understand all of the causes of eczema, there is evidence that the following possibilities play a role in causing eczema: diet, genetics, the immune system, and abnormalities in the barrier (protective) function of the skin.


After you’ve healed your skin with your new eczema treatment continue to use coconut oil and good clear skin will be your reward. It just takes a little motivation, a willingness to try it, and diligent application of coconut oil daily up to several times each day and/or at bedtime, use your judgment. You’ll see marvelous results and have a healing skin product you can use forever for all your skin problems. It’s great for dry skin care and combination skin care too!





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We are using coconut oil for centuries because of its many benefits. It is a vital source of energy and vitamins and because of these properties; it is also called “Tree of Life”. Coconut oil plays a very significant role in providing balanced and nutritious diet. According to many medical research and studies, it is found that at least 30% of our daily diet should contain fats or oil.

Coconut oil has great benefits when it is used as cooking oil. It generally creates favorable HDL/LDL ratio. Apart from these, there are some more benefits of coconut oil as cooking oil such as it has antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiprotozoal properties. For a long time coconut oil had been considered as a harmful product because it contains saturated fat. But by research it has been shown that the saturated fat found in coconut oil is different from other because of its unique structural make-up. And because of this unique structural make-up it is beneficial for our body not harmful. Coconut oil is the highest source of saturated fat and it is also highest source of saturated medium chain triglycerides. These medium chain triglycerides (MCT) is made up of lauric acid, which is the most essential fatty acid required in building and maintaining the body’s immune system.

Apart from cooking oil, coconut oil has many more benefits. Coconut oil is also beneficial in case of weight lose. According to research, it has been found that coconut oil can increase the metabolism rate of a human body and due to which you can burn you fat faster and this leads to the weight loss. Everybody thinks that fat is harmful for body and it gains weight. But in real life fat is an essential need of our body and it is needed for producing hormones and cellular membranes. But the proper burning of the fat is also important. If fat will not burn properly then you are going to gain huge weight and this gets done perfectly with the help of coconut oil.

Other than weight loss, it has some more benefits such as it is used for making products of hair care, skin care and medicines. Coconut oil is widely used as hair oil in most parts of the world. It helps a large in removing the dandruffs from the hair. It also helps in reducing the falling and breaking of hair. Many therapists use coconut oil for body massage also. And sometimes it is used for making medicines also. Apart from these coconut oil is beneficial in many other manners also such as in immunity, proper digestion and metabolism, relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, HIV, bone strength and dental care. Coconut oil is beneficial in all these cases because of the presence of lauric acid, capric acird and caprylic acid in the oil. Coconut oil has some unique properties also such as antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antioxidant. All these things together make coconut oil a very important part of our life.

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Found a post by Kebod on oil pulling with Coconut Oil:

[I started oil pulling on Aug. 1 of 2006, hoping for better over-all health. After googling “oil pulling” and learning how it is done, I started using coconut oil and gently swishing 2 teaspoons through my mouth each morning on an empty stomach. Instantly, I noticed whiter teeth and a pinker tongue. The process is thought to remove toxins from the body, and I was curious as to what other health improvements I would notice. On day 21 of oil pulling, I realized my skin was 90-95% clear of all the little bumps.
Google “oil pulling” for more information. I hope some of you try this.

Oil pulling is great and worth a try. Make sure you do the Oil pulling on empty stomach.
The correct method:
In the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach you take one tablespoon in the mouth but do not swallow it. Move Oil Slowly in the mouth as rinsing or swishing do this for 10-15 minutes 20 minutes is better.
Do not swallow the oil.
Do not gargle.
Do it slowly.
Wash and disinfect the sing when finished.

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In tropical climates throughout the world coconuts are just a way of life of thousands of people. For them it is known as “tree of life”. It is true that for centuries many people are using coconuts and coconut oil just to stay healthy and lean. Coconut oil diets have become even more popular when it was discovered that it helps a lot in losing weight, increasing their metabolism and even fighting disease.

As coconut oil does not turn to fat in our body, it is safe and beneficial to use. Another property is that it raises the metabolism due to which more fats are burn and more energy is produced inside our body. Coconut oil is beneficial also because it does not increase the cholesterol level, but it helps in decreasing the level.

Coconut oil also helps a lot in losing weight. Generally coconut oil is a MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride), while on the other hand vegetable oils and animal fats are LCT (Long-Chain Triglyceride). How the fat is metabolized, depends a lot on the length of the molecule and because of this reason coconut oil is easily metabolized than any other oil. In other words we can also say that MCT are broken down rapidly and it gets burn down by body mostly like carbohydrates for energy and LCT gets deposited in the body’s fat cells. MCTs are digested much quicker than any LCTs. So, sometimes it is given to AIDS patients also who have digesting problems.

We are taught that saturated fats are not good for health. But in real life, sometimes saturated fats are good for health. Many professionals give advice to eat diet high in carbohydrates and low in fat. But even then, many of us find that we still can’t lose weight and gain more energy. Apart from these, there are many other healthy benefits also. Coconut oil is next to mother milk, which is the highest source of medium chain fatty acids, which helps a lot in raising the body metabolism. In coconut oil, you will also find lauric acid, which is very much useful for the body’s immune system, which helps the body in fighting infections, bacteria and harmful virus. It also helps relieve the symptoms of menopause, and pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

There are many other oils also, which are good organic expeller pressed oils such as olive and flaxseed oils. But there are some problems with these oils that they go through a dangerous chemical change with high heat.

There are many ways through which you can easily consume coconut oil. One of the best ways is to buy a coconut and crack it open and eat it raw. You can also grate it and cook with it. For making it smooth you can either add coconut water or meat. If fresh coconut are not available in your area then you can get unsweetened dried grated coconut from your health food store or online. But always try to get fresh coconut or its oil if you want a better result.

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A healthy diet has become overshadowed by so many factors today. Do you still know what a healthy diet is? Well, through the years, poor choices and lack of nutritional information and awareness have caused a lot of havoc in the world. More people have now become obese or overweight that the numbers have become very alarming. There are so many factors that contribute to this disturbing reality. Though there are so many different factors, the problems still lie in the people. You have the choice to say no, especially in eating unhealthy foods.

Implementing a healthy weight loss program may seem hard from the start but this is definitely a key tool for achieving a healthier and longer life. Many people will tell you about key secrets to achieve good health but basically the only secret is to utilize a healthy eating plan along with physical activity that is performed daily. Many have used the option of using a diet. Though sometimes these diets can be so strict that you will have a hard time eating, many people have opted to use this option. Basically, the people who stick with a diet are the ones who can endure the system and can fight the urge to return to their negative habits. So, below, you will see the basics of how to put a healthy lifestyle plan together.

First of, you must realize that 5 food groups consist a healthy diet, these 5 are the ff: breads and cereals, dairy and meats/alternatives, fruits, and vegetables. The different food groups offer unique nutritional roles in your diet, thus it is critical that you eat foods with variety and consider each from the 5 major food groups daily. Eating from each of the 5 can bring positive effects to the body because the nutrients are well distributed.

It is best that you consume 2-3 servings of meat, 4-5 servings of whole grains, 7-10 servings of vegetables and fruits. Also, you must remember that oily and fatty foods should be prevented, or if not, be consumed with very minimal amount.

Having a healthy diet basically provides long-term benefits to the body. If you choose to instill a healthy diet for your body, then you must also be active in a daily basis. You must monitor your food intake and also exercise in a daily manner. This would only be effective if you decide to dedicate yourself in doing so. So always remember to eat with your health in mind.

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Coconut oil is useful in many ways such as weight loss, thyroid disease, medicine etc. But there is one more important use of coconut oil and that is for skin. Coconut oil is widely used for making various skin products such as moisturizer, skin cream, massage oil or body oil.

Our skin absorbs the coconut oil very easily because of its molecular structure and in returns it gives a smooth and soft texture. Coconut oil works as an ideal ointment for the relief of dry, rough and wrinkled skin. You will find that most of the available creams and lotions are mainly water. And because of this they are easily absorbed by our dry and wrinkled skin. Due to the entrance of water in our skin, our skin’s tissues get expand and the wrinkles fade away. But this is a temporary treatment. Because when the water evaporates away then again the dry and wrinkled skin returns.

We know that our skin is made up of tissues called connective tissues. It is because of these connective tissues only we have a smooth and elastic skin. During the young period our skin remains smooth and elastic because of the strong connective fibers. But when we become old then these fibers are repeatedly subjected to free-radical attack which breaks them down and due to which connective tissues get hardened and lose its suppleness and strength. And the skin loses the ability to hold itself together. Coconut oil helps in avoiding the connective tissues from getting hardened.

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We often see that due to blow-drying, coloring, hard brushing, and too much water and sun exposure and sometimes due to bleaching, the outer cuticle of hair gets damaged. The damage can be split ends, coarse, brittle and dry hair, which breaks very easily. The most dangerous one is split ends which means the cuticle is worn away. And sometimes the inner portion, which is called cortex, gets exposed and frayed. You can stop these things just by using a coconut oil as a hair oil or conditioner.

There are many ways of using coconut oil as a hair oil or conditioner. But the best way is to use it just after a shower or bath, when the hair remains wet. This doesn’t mean that the hair should dripping wet. It can be slightly damp or semi wet. It is not necessary that the coconut oil should be in liquid state. If it is in solid state then also it will be effective. Generally coconut oil solidifies at less than 76 degree F. You will have to just spread it throughout the hair not only on the damaged portion. Due to its molecular structure it just penetrates inside the hair shaft.

Coconut oil also plays an important role in dandruff treatment. It helps you to get rid of dandruffs from your hair. Coconut hair oil works great because it is a moisturizer and anti-fungal too. Generally the medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) or medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) are found largely in coconut oil and these two things have antibacterial, antifungal and ant parasitic properties. Due to these properties, it helps in protecting and nourishing the hair.

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