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Tooth decay is very serious, and most people don?t realize that anywhere from 60% to 90% of children in industrialized countries experience it at some point. Finding a way to reduce this tooth decay is very important indeed. Some of the research out there that is being conducted indicates that the use of coconut oil is a great way to eliminate the bacteria responsible for tooth decay problems. It may soon be an ingredient you see in various dental care products out there.

Streptococcus bacteria is the name of the bacteria that will result in tooth decay if it isn?t stopped in its tracks. The results from various forms of studies are favorable that the use of coconut oil can reduce this type of bacterial problem. Some of the studies conducted have been completed by Irish research facilities. They believe that in addition to reducing the risk of tooth decay, coconut oil can also assist with reducing the yeast and bacteria that is responsible for the development of thrush.

At a recent Society for General Microbiology conference, this type of information was shared. It generated a great deal of interest. However, these aren?t the only researchers that have been looking into the benefits of coconut oil. For example, a team from Atholone Institute of Technology in Ireland has conducted studies with coconut oil as well as olive oil and vegetable oil. They have done testing both relating to Streptococcus bacteria and the digestion process.

The only one of these three oils that worked to reduce the growth of the Streptococcus bacteria was the coconut oil. In these tests, it was also determined that it helps to reduce the Streptococcus mutans that play a big role in tooth decay due to the acid they create. With the use of the fatty coconut oil though the enzymes that case such acid are reduced significantly.

Previous research that was already conducted indicated that Streptococcus mutans weren?t able to bind on the teeth as they did before once enzyme modified milk was being consumed by that individual. The research being done at this point in time though is building on that and is showing that when the Streptococcus bacteria comes into contact with the coconut oil, then those bacteria forming enzymes that cause tooth decay are being halted in their tracks.

One of the agreements among the researchers involved in these studies is that the use of coconut oil can be beneficial in very low amounts. They also find that it is a great option compared to the use of various chemical additives. The ability to fight off microbial infections when so many people are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics is very important.

The other studies in place right now regarding the benefits of coconut oil have to do with helping the overall process of the digestive system. These studies take an in depth look at the antibacterial activity in the human gut. It is promising that the use of coconut oil can slow down that antimicrobial activity so that a person has a healthier digestive system.


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